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For every development or project we carefully select from a network of partners across the world, each specialists in their field. These include architects, engineers, project managers, construction consultants, lawyers and accountants.




We believe in developing long term relationships with our partners, as well as clients, some of these relationships stretch back over decades.

Our core partners are affiliated with our main office in Zurich and satellite offices in London and Bournemouth.


Hanover Merchant Capital are always looking to for long lasting partnerships dedicated to discipline and strong work ethics.


We believe culture is the foundation of the future working with like minded individuals and companies.


We take considerable pride and satisfaction in determining the very best pathways to help with our internal and external partners and team members. We look for qualities of desire,  passion to succeed, commitment of distinction while working towards solutions for long term growth and prosperity. .

“By 2025, it is estimated that 66% of the world will live in water-stressed areas according to the World Resources Institute”

Killick & Co

“More than half of the profits of the world’s largest companies would be at risk if water was priced to reflect its true value”

Chief Operating Officer, Hanover Merchant Capital, Your Content Goes Here

“The western world is slowly drinking itself dry …”

“For a planet that’s 71% covered in water, the gap between clean, accessible freshwater (less than 1%) and all the other types, however, is stark. Agriculture and food take up 69% of the world’s water resources. And this is set to only grow, both as a response to population growth, as the world hits 9.7 billion in 2050[2], and the increased wealth of that population, whose rise out of poverty leads to a demand for more ‘luxury’ foods, such as meat.”