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The Water Project

Hanover Merchant Capital have secured a proven and sustainable supply of premium mineral water sourced deep below a pristine Namibian wilderness. Located beneath the surface of the world’s oldest desert the underground rock and mineral formations that our water filters through on its way down into the aquifer date back to the Pre-Cambrian geological period between 900 million and 700 million years ago.

Our pristine water aquifer holds sufficient renewable reserves to allow a theoretical pump flow capacity of 165,000 litres per hour or 1.445 billion litres per year. Until recently the property was owned by a major conglomerate and this same pure mineral water source under their labelled brand was one of the top five selling brand within the country. Known for its fine texture and unique taste this proved a popular major bottled water brand producing substantial and
sustainable annual profit margins. Our bottled artisan water is distinctive because of its extraordinary source – a protected artesian aquifer found deep underground in the remotest part of the world untouched by man.

Underground aquifers (natural reservoirs) accumulate water over time which is recharged annually by rainwater seeping through various layers of the earth, naturally also picking up minerals and dissolving and filtering them in the process. The distance this water travels determines the purity and the optimal composition of minerals and trace elements in the ultimate water reservoir.

Shielded from external elements by confining layers of rock, natural pressure forces the water towards the surface, where it’s bottled at the source, free from human contact until you unscrew the cap.We believe there is considerable opportunity for commercial branding to exploit the “pure product” potential of this natural resource through increased deployment of modern automated production and off-site distribution. With a modern automated bottling plant and semi-automated labelling and packaging this would offer appropriate flexibility and efficiency for rapid changes of product and label lines enabling seamless doubling of production up to 8 million bottled litres a year initially.

Our multi-tier core product strategy:

  • 70% by volume targeting base revenue through mid-range bulk volume products exported to neighbouring countries plus contract bottling and labelling for customers’ own boutique labels
  • 30% by volume targeting premium revenue through a basket of ‘boutique’ premium mineral water labels together with other added value products such as sports’ drinks, ‘vitamin waters’ and flavoured waters’.
  • Local, national, regional and international expansion.
  • Existing strong local presence
  • Private label bottling for boutique hotels, game lodges and other tourism venues
  • Supplying to the oil and gas industry. Many major companies operate throughout the continent in extremely remote regions requiring large quantities of pure drinking water.

The most valuable commodity in the world today, and likely to remain so for much of this century, is not oil, not natural gas, not even some type of renewable energy. Its water – more specifically, clean, safe, fresh water.

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