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Becoming a client of Hanover Merchant Capital has the added incentive of being straightforward. The process is simple and structured yet encompasses the flexibility to offer true financial freedom with each and every investment you make.



We like to define the process by three key stages or steps to success – although the work that is undertaken and the expertise applied at each stage goes far deeper than this.

Three Step Process

Step 1.        Select and Invest

Specialist consultation to walk you through the opportunities matching your own investment needs, choosing a plan that’s right for you.

• Individual contracts start form as little as £5,000 and you can acquire just one or multiple contracts.

• You take out a 3 – 5 year lease with an option to sell back at a later date.

• You receive 5.29% per annum.

• Within a 3 – 5 year period either sell back the contract for original face value or receive up to 10%* return on your investment. You will also have an option should you choose to purchase the underlying asset.

Step 2.        Growth

Watch your investment grow. On average the investment period will be 3-5 years during which time you will have a dedicated account manager. This opportunity offers an income of 5.29% per annum (lease back agreement), with a potential 10%* return with ownership of the asset as underlying security. It’s a buy back lease agreement with an option to sell back the contract lease at original face value (5 year period) while receiving 5.29% annually its that easy!

Step 3.        Return

Decide how to proceed. Wait for an increase in the value of the contract with a 10% premium while receiving 5.29% per annum over a 5 year period or exercise your option to sell back the contract at the original purchase price paid (face value).

  • Subject to market fluctuations please view our terms of conditions and risk warnings


Our advisors are on hand to help you every step of the way

Explore Water Trading Rights

Discover Water Trading Markets and Property Lease Agreements, a fresh approach to trading future water rights and property investment


We specialise in real estate investment while also encompassing property water rights/ownership for long term value, growth and asset appreciation.

“Water will become more valuable than oil as rising demand from people, industries and agriculture puts pressure on supplies …”

CEO, Suez

“Projections indicate that by 2035 some 40 per cent of the world population will live in areas facing water scarcity”

Jean-Louis Chaussade

Historically, we look to invest in sectors and areas of the market that are undervalued, misunderstood or overlooked, where we believe true value exists.


Discover Water Trading Markets and Property Lease Agreements, a fresh approach to trading future water rights and property investment.