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Below is an outline for Water Lease Agreements or WLA’

1) A minimum investment value of £5,000 per contract (for bulk volume of 25,000 litres) or acquire multiple contracts.

2) Income of 5.29% per annum.

3) Up to 10% potential return on capital investment *

4) Option for investor to sell back the contract (after 5 year period) at the original face value (sell back option).

5) Within 5 years, you could realise up to 10% capital return per year on your contract after selling the contracted volume on the open market.



* Subject to market fluctuations please view our terms of conditions and risk warnings


This opportunity offers an income of 5.29% per annum (rental agreement), with up to potential 10% capital growth … backed up with full legal rights over the contract for underlying security.

It’s a buy back lease agreement where you can exercise an an option to sell back the contract lease at original face value (after 5 year period) after receiving 5.29% annually and depending on market values receive up to 10% return . . . it’s that easy!

Individual contracts start from as little as £5,000 and you can acquire just one or multiple contracts where we trade the water units on a matched bargin basis market trading with buyers and suppliers for physical delivery and transport.


Discover Water Trading Markets and Property Lease Agreements, a fresh approach to trading future water rights and property investment



  • You are interested in a contract
  • The contract value is £5,000.
  • You elect a 5 year lease back agreement.
  • You pay the £5,000 purchase price.
  • You receive 5.29% per annum.
  • By no later than 5 years, you can either receive up to 10%* capital return (depending on market values) on your investment or exercise an option to sell back the contract lease at original face value after receiving 5.29% annually

“True financial freedom is rarely achieved without substantial investment. Global property is one of the few opportunities to make significant returns for relatively low capital outlay. This defines leverage”

EMEA Director, Hanover Merchant Capital

“Water set to become more valuable than oil”

Financial Times

We have a specific objective. Our main focus is to provide growth and affluence helping people move towards prosperity.

While our core business is property investment and water rights trading one of our main aims is prosperity for others and creation of wealth.