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What is a High Return on Investment?

Answering what is a high return on investment is an almost impossible question - one that cannot simply be answered with just a number. All returns can be beaten, regardless of whether they are single, [...]

Is Water A Commodity?

Before answering whether water is a commodity, it is necessary to first understand what a commodity actually is. A commodity is usually defined as a product or good that can be exchanged seamlessly from provider [...]

What are Future Investment Opportunities?

Investments can take many forms - stocks, real estate, currency and ETFs are all possibilities. But which are the best ones? And what are future investment opportunities? Whilst this may seem like a simple question, [...]

What are Premium Bonds?

Premium Bonds are one of the most popular savings products in the UK, but what exactly are they? And are they a good way to grow capital or earn income? Premium bonds are issued by [...]

What is a Mutual Fund?

There are a wealth of ways to grow any nest egg saved up over the years. To make an appropriate decision according to one’s own personal circumstances, it is best to know what different investment [...]

What are Government Bonds

For those looking to increase wealth by investing, buying fixed income products is one option available. However, there are so many different types. From junk bonds to gilts, amongst many many others, it can be [...]

What does Capital Growth Mean?

Before investing any hard earned cash, it is important to understand basic investment terms so that the best, informed decisions can be made. At the very core of any investment decision is understanding capital growth. [...]

Why Invest in Water

The basis for any investment decision should always be the underlying belief that an asset purchased today will be worth more in the future. One way to ensure an increase in value is to identify [...]

What is a leaseback agreement?

Investments into Hanover Merchant Capital’s artisan water project is done so on a leaseback agreement basis. That is all very well, but what exactly is a leaseback agreement? And, what does that mean in terms [...]

How to Invest In Water

If, like us, you believe that investing in water is a sound investment decision, you may be wondering how to invest in it. This is an important question as money cannot simply be made from [...]

How much should I invest?

There is no one size fits all answer to how much money any one person should invest. Any investment amount should only ever be, at most, what you can afford to lose. However, the final [...]

What is artisan water?

Before investing in artisan water with Hanover Merchant Capital, it is important to know what exactly it is. Put simply, artisan water is drinkable freshwater found in an area underground called an aquifer. Water accumulates [...]

Should I be Trading or Investing?

Before deciding whether you should trade or invest to increase equity, it is necessary to understand the differences between the two money management styles. Trading is primarily concerned with making profits from short term fluctuations [...]