What Type of Investments are Available to the Average Person?

The world of investing can seem elitist, especially when you are a sole investor looking for places to put your own cash. Often the average person is faced with investments only suitable, or even understandable, to institutional investors and those who have their money handled by a fund manager. Whilst we, at Hanover Merchant Capital, [...]

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What is a High Return on Investment?

Answering what is a high return on investment is an almost impossible question - one that cannot simply be answered with just a number. All returns can be beaten, regardless of whether they are single, double or triple figured. And so, as there is always chance that there is an investment with a higher return, [...]

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Is Water A Commodity?

Before answering whether water is a commodity, it is necessary to first understand what a commodity actually is. A commodity is usually defined as a product or good that can be exchanged seamlessly from provider to provider. Crude oil is the obvious illustration of such an item, but it may be easier to understand when [...]

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What are Future Investment Opportunities?

Investments can take many forms - stocks, real estate, currency and ETFs are all possibilities. But which are the best ones? And what are future investment opportunities? Whilst this may seem like a simple question, it is still a very important one. Understanding what future investment opportunities are, is a fundamental principle when becoming a [...]

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Five Investment Books For Beginners

The world of investing is huge and extremely complex. Reading around the subject is one of the best ways to fade out all the commentary to get to grips with not only what makes a good investment, but what makes a good investment for you. Here are five books that will help grow any reader’s [...]

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What are Premium Bonds?

Premium Bonds are one of the most popular savings products in the UK, but what exactly are they? And are they a good way to grow capital or earn income? Premium bonds are issued by the government owned NS&I and nominally pay 1.4% interest. Yet they differ from regular bonds in one major way, which [...]

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What types of Savings Bonds are there?

Many of us know that having a certain amount of savings is a good idea for those rainy days and unforeseen obstacles. Sometimes it is prudent to invest these savings as opposed to leaving them in an easy access bank account where the money simply sits. Investing can mean that the money grows instead and [...]

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What is a Mutual Fund?

There are a wealth of ways to grow any nest egg saved up over the years. To make an appropriate decision according to one’s own personal circumstances, it is best to know what different investment opportunities there are. A mutual fund is one such option. So what exactly is a mutual fund? Simply put, it [...]

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What are Government Bonds

For those looking to increase wealth by investing, buying fixed income products is one option available. However, there are so many different types. From junk bonds to gilts, amongst many many others, it can be difficult to know where to start. Government bonds are one such choice, but what exactly is a government bond? And [...]

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